Singapore GP is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all patrons.
Easy Access Seats are now available for patrons with special needs and their companions.

Easy Access Seats are for patrons with limited mobility, but do not use a wheelchair. Patrons who require the use of aids like crutches, walking sticks/canes, walking frames or have difficulty climbing steps can opt for these seats which are located at the first 2 rows of select grandstands throughout the Circuit Park (pending availability).

To purchase the Easy Access Seats tickets, please select the desired grandstand and click on the Easy Access Seats button.

Easy Access Seats are not suitable for patrons who require the use of wheelchairs.
Singapore GP offers Wheelchair Accessible Platforms, available in Zone 1 and 4.

Do note that whilst many areas within the Circuit Park are accessible, in many instances, the condition of several walkways as well as the positions of the Circuit Park's gates, barriers, overpasses and underpasses restrict access to various parts of the terrain on wheelchair or for persons with limited mobility.

For more information on accessing various parts of the Circuit Park, visit our Event Guide.

For more information on Easy Access Seats, please call the Ticketing Hotline at +65 6738 6738 or write in to us here.