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21 December 2016

Even though it was a third consecutive year dominated by the Mercedes drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, the 2016 season had many highlights; there were some fantastic races and the emergence of a real star in Max Verstappen, who broke the record for the most overtakes in a season of F1.

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Highlights

30 November 2016

Nico Rosberg clinched his first world championship, after a tense 21 race battle with Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton and it’s hard to argue that he doesn’t deserve it.

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Brazil Grand Prix Highlights

14 November 2016

From Romain Grosjean's crash on the way to the grid, to Marcus Ericsson's shunt in the entry to the pit lane, to Kimi Raikkonen bringing out the red flag to match his red face after crashing on the Safety Car restart, the Brazilian Grand Prix was something of a damp squib punctuated by an awful lot of flying carbon fibre.

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Mexico Grand Prix Highlights

31 October 2016

Shortly after having a rule created to prevent drivers from repeating the sort of defensive manoeuvres for which Max Verstappen has become notorious, the Dutch teenager found himself on the wrong side of the sporting regulations at Sunday’s Mexican Grand Prix.

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US Grand Prix Highlights

24 October 2016

After the last round in Japan, when a poor start cost Lewis Hamilton his chance at a much-needed win, the pressure was on the pole-sitter to get it right off the line at the Circuit of the Americas. And get it right he did – the Mercedes driver managed to hold the lead up the hill into Turn 1, and behind him teammate and championship rival Nico Rosberg was pushed down to third place by the charging Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo.

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Highlights of the Japanese Grand Prix

10 October 2016

Not typically a man to crumble under pressure, when Lewis Hamilton botched his start at Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix, dropping from the front row to eighth place before the end of the first lap, it looked as though the Mercedes driver were waving goodbye to his championship chances.

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Three talking points from the Malaysian Grand Prix

3 October 2016

It was a very popular win for Daniel Ricciardo in Malaysia ahead of Red Bull team mate Max Verstappen. Dan needed that after the disappointment of losing the Monaco Grand Prix due to a team blunder at a pit stop. He really wanted to win a race this season.

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Race fans tell us about their experiences at the FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX

9 September 2016

The failure by Lewis Hamilton to convert the pole position into the lead in Turn 1 in Monza was the seventh time this season in 14 races that a Mercedes driver has fluffed the start. Mercedes has very few weaknesses, but this is one of them.

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Three talking points from the Italian Grand Prix

9 September 2016

The failure by Lewis Hamilton to convert the pole position into the lead in Turn 1 in Monza was the seventh time this season in 14 races that a Mercedes driver has fluffed the start. Mercedes has very few weaknesses, but this is one of them.

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Belgian Grand Prix Highlights

29 August 2016

There was drama from the outset of Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix, with three of the four front-runners colliding at La Source in an incident that left both Red Bull and Ferrari feeling rather hard done by.

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Highlights of the German Grand Prix

1 August 2016

The start again went well for Lewis Hamilton and poorly for pole sitter Nico Rosberg, for the second race in a row. And again it set him up for the win.

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Highlights of the Hungarian Grand Prix

25 July 2016

The start went very well for Lewis Hamilton and he took the lead from second place on the grid. Starts have not always been his strongest suit this season; three times earlier in the year the roles were reversed and Rosberg had jumped pole sitter Hamilton.

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Highlights of the British Grand Prix

10 July 2016

Nico Rosberg crossed the finish line of Sunday’s British Grand Prix in second place, but it remains to be seen whether or not that result will be allowed to stand pending a stewards’ post-race investigation into the legality of some of the radio traffic between the German racer and the Mercedes pit wall.

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Austrian Grand Prix highlights

4 July 2016

The end of the Austrian Grand Prix descended into the sort of timing screen chaos usually associated with the final seconds of qualifying on a drying track.

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Azerbaijan (European) Grand Prix highlights

20 June 2016

After a Sunday afternoon GP2 race that saw an endless stream of Safety Cars and more shunts than the bumper cars at a funfair, expectations were high for a dramatic start to the first European Grand Prix since 2012.

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Will Red Bull or Ferrari be the first to beat Mercedes on a regular basis - and will it be in 2016?

17 June 2016

The recent Grands Prix in Spain, Monaco and Canada have shown that the chasing pack is closing in on Mercedes, the dominant team since 2014. Max Verstappen won in Spain, his Red Bull Racing team mate Daniel Ricciardo should have won in Monaco and Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari had a good chance to win in Canada. So is the turning of the tide about to happen and which team is best placed?

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Where to get the most out of the Singapore GP

15 June 2016

The cheapest way to enjoy the experience is the Walkabout ticket, which costs around $268 for a 3 Day pass and allows you to move around and witness the action from special bleachers or stands at the side of the track.

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Behind the Scenes - Building the Marina Bay Street Circuit

14 June 2016

The FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX is one of the world’s great sporting events, and looks dazzling on TV – but constructing the temporary Marina Bay Street Circuit is all about perfecting the fine details in big numbers.

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Three key moments of the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

13 June 2016

Ferrari didn’t win the race in Canada, but they can be very pleased with their performance, which was much more competitive than they have been. The team has been waiting on a new turbo for the engine, to fix a problem which had meant that they couldn’t use all the power of the engine.

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Highlights of the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

30 May 2016

For the second consecutive race, Daniel Ricciardo lost out on a possible victory through no fault of his own. While the Spanish indignity came as a result of Red Bull choosing to cover the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel and was simply a strategic error, the Australian’s Monegasque disappointment stemmed from a lack of tyres being ready when Ricciardo was called in to box.

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Thrills, Spills and a Victorious Verstappen

16 May 2016

Max Verstappen became the youngest Formula 1 Grand Prix winner at the age of 18, also the youngest to lead a race and looks set to break other records. It’s unusual to win a race on debut for a new team, but to do it mid season with no opportunity for testing is very rare.

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Highlights of the Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix

2 May 2016

Nico Rosberg’s charmed life at the front of the Formula One field continued for a fourth straight race, while team mate Lewis Hamilton again had a troubled weekend. The German won the race to extend his championship lead over Hamilton to 43 points, larger than he enjoyed at any point in 2014.

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Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix highlights

18 April 2016

The first lap of the 2016 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix was one of the most dramatic in recent memory, with eventual race winner Nico Rosberg losing the lead to Daniel Ricciardo, - a Ferrari on Ferrari collision - and more bad luck for Lewis Hamilton, who lost his front wing to the Sauber of Felipe Nasr while attempting to avoid Kimi Raikkonen returning to the track.

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Five things you missed at the Bahrain GP

4 April 2016

Lewis Hamilton again fluffed the race start, this time dropping to seventh, after tangling with Valtteri Bottas in Turn 1 after another poor getaway. Mercedes estimates that the damage he sustained cost him about a second per lap of performance, which is why he could only recover to third.

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Q&A with Martin Brundle, Sky Sports F1 commentator

22 March 2016

Martin Brundle is, for many people, an integral part of a Grand Prix experience – as one of the world’s best-known commentators. But he’s also a former driver, having started 158 Grands Prix. Stewart Bell caught up with the affable Brit to preview 2016 ahead of the new season.

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Five Things You Missed at the Australian GP

21 March 2016

Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix was effectively Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg’s fourth-straight win; counting back from the three-consecutive victories that he took from Mexico to Abu Dhabi last year.

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F1 Insight: New Elimination-style Formula 1 Qualifying

14 March 2016

Qualifying has been tweaked for 2016, with an exciting new elimination system.

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5 Things We Learnt From The Barcelona Test

5 March 2016

Those who like their F1 nice and loud will be encouraged by the sound of the F1 cars at this year’s Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. The hybrid turbo engines were too quiet for many people’s tastes when they were launched. To improve the sound for 2016 an extra exhaust pipe has been added and it has made a difference. Although you still don’t need earplugs at the race track, you can no longer carry on a conversation when a car goes past and they sound far more meaty.

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Formula 1 Barcelona Test #1 - Report

26 February 2016

Judging from the first four days of Formula 1 test in Barcelona, this is going to be a more exciting season than 2015, with a very close competition in midfield and Ferrari snapping at the heels of world champions Mercedes.

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Five Things to watch out for in the 2016 Formula One Season

5 January 2016

The 2015 season has only been over for a few weeks, but already the focus is on the new season. Here are five key areas to watch out for this year.

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