FIA/FOM OFFICIAL FORMULA 1 ACCREDITATION (For Paddock/Media Centre access only)

Submitting the following particulars and information of the representative(s) who will be covering the event will assist you in achieving a successful application. This form may take up to 20 minutes to complete. Please ensure you have sufficient time to complete all the fields required.

Name of Representative*
Phone Number*
Fax Number
Email Address*

Please upload the following supporting documents:

1. Passport photo of the representative(s). The photo must be in PDF/JPEG format and should not exceed 1.5 MB*

2. PDF of the official press card(s) of the representative(s). The PDF file should not exceed 1.5 MB.

Name of Publication/Radio/Website*
Name of Editor*
Phone number*
Fax number
Email Address*

Please upload the following supporting documents*:

1. A formal request written on the publication's/station's letterhead. This letter is a formal undertaking from the editor / station manager to publish a report related to the event, and provides an indication as to when this report will be published / broadcast. The letter must be signed by the editor or a senior member of the editorial staff / station manager.

Media Type*

Please upload the following supporting documents (for Radio Stations)* :

1. Audio files of previous FIA Formula OneTM Grand Prix coverage, or other motorsport related broadcasts

2. Audio files of any Singapore GP pre-event coverage in 2017

Please upload the following supporting documents (for Website)*:

1. Audited traffic figures for the last three years (together with a geographical breakdown of users for the (i) for the website or (ii) in case the website is not a website dedicated to the Championship, for the Championship section of the website. Traffic figures must be confirmed by an Internet auditor of industry repute acceptable to the FIA.

2. Satisfactory evidence of publication on the website of news coverage of each Championship event in the previous three Formula OneTM seasons, together with the dates of publication, correctly by-lined. Blogs will not qualify.

3. Website links to any Singapore GP pre-event coverage in 2017

Deadline for applications is Friday, 4 August. There is strictly no extension of deadline. Only successful applicants will be notified by Monday, 4 September. For any enquiries, please write in to (Attn: National Press Officer). Applications which are late or incomplete may not be considered.